Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE) is a non-profit professional organization established in 1986. Its objectives are to:

  • Promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society
  • Foster international cooperation especially between Canada and Korea
  • We help Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers develop their full career potential



CKCSE’s mission is to provide, in the areas of science, technology, and entrepreneurship, opportunities for:

  • International Cooperation
  • Career Development
  • Community Service



  • Annual meeting & technical conference (CKC, Regional Seminar, Special Seminar)
  • Publication of AKCSE Newsletters
  • Web service
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Young generation programs
  • Exchange programs
  • Sponsored projects
  • Technical evaluation and consulting
  • Topical symposia/workshops
  • Sponsorship of other related conferences
  • Awards and honors
  • Job referrals
  • Career development programs

In addition AKCSE Chapters offer the following regional programs:

  • Regional technical conferences
  • Young generation programs
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • National Math and Science Competition