Canada-Korea Startup Venture Forum 2015

 My PhotoI would welcome you all to this exciting event in the Canadian epicenter of research and innovation, and extend my special welcome to those of you who are suffering from the long flight.

 I have to confess that I am overly thrilled to see that KOVA and INKE eventually host a startup venture forum in the terrain of Canada. As you are all aware, the Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers has long been a strong supporter of bi-lateral collaboration between Canada and Korea in the area of technology-based venture startup. Roughly a year ago during a venture networking event hosted by INKE and AKCSE, I pitched the importance of such collaboration before many of you including the Honorable Reza Moridi, Minister of Research and Innovation and Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. In that speech, I urged the two countries to give serious consideration to a possible strategic alliance by which two countries are equally supportive in promising young entrepreneurs trying to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Canada and Korea have much in common. To list a few, Canada has the world 11th economy, while Korea has the 13th. Canada has a very business friendly environment and happens to be just next to the world largest economy, whereas Korea has a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and geographically squeezed in between the world number 2 and 3 economies. Canada has long been part of the North American Economy thanks to the NAFTA, and likewise, Korea is being integrated into a similar economic system in the Eastern world due to the likely FTA with China. The similarities and the particular geographical situations make the two countries as perfect gateways to the Eastern and the Western economies, respectively. As such, it makes a perfect sense to me that the two countries should benefit from each other by forming a strategic alliance and technology-driven venture can be one of many areas that the two countries should work together.

I believe that KOVA INKE Startup Venture Forum is a small but very meaningful step toward a bigger success, and ACKSE will do whatever it can to contribute much to the success. I hope everyone joining to find the forum invaluable.

 My Name

Chi-Guhn Lee, Ph.D.

President of AKCSE